AKR Office company was founded in 2008 by Ahmet Aktaş. It continues its professional education and years of work experience, with the company and team it established, aiming to provide the best service, with a principled working understanding.

Our Architectural Implementation Stages

1- We are conducting a detailed exploration study at the location where the application will be made.

2- We shape our project in the digital environment in line with the information obtained as a result of the discovery and the supply and demands of our customers.

3- Before starting the application in the venue, we present it to our customers' preference and taste.

4- We supply the materials, designed furniture and accessories in line with the customer's request, and start the application.

AKR Office company pleases its customers with years of work experience in pre-sales as well as after-sales services. The products and furniture you choose, to you; We deliver fast, reliable and hassle-free. We provide the correct installation of furniture with our free installation service. If there are some problems in the process of receiving your furniture despite our efforts and efforts, our team will solve it in the best way. We can give a guarantee for this.